Our mission is to ensure that our state and local economic policies increase opportunity for all residents. We do this by analyzing and understanding the implications of tax and budget decisions and making sure that the public and policy-makers are informed through strategic communications, coalitions, and key partners.

HBPC’s work is guided by the belief that government at all levels should play an active role in helping people reach their full potential. Our principles include:

Independence. HBPC provides fact-based, nonpartisan analyses of state budget and tax policies and their implications for all Hawaii residents, with a special focus on their impact on low- and middle-income individuals.

Economic Fairness. HBPC stands for policies that benefit all Hawai‘i residents but maintains a special focus on investing in greater opportunities for low-income people.

Integrity. HBPC conducts its work with the highest level of intellectual honesty, accuracy, and objectivity in order to effectively inform state budget, tax, and other public policies.

Empowerment. HBPC provides accessible, useable, and timely information on state fiscal, tax, and related public policies in order to expand civic engagement in policy debates.

Nonpartisan.  HBPC is a nonpartisan organization. We neither support nor oppose any political party nor any candidate running for elected office. We focus solely on evaluating public policies and their impact on low- and middle-income Hawai‘i residents.