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Our taxes at work, and who pays them


Our taxes support essential social programs like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, as well as infrastructure, education, national defense and the environment. Tax credits help alleviate the tax burden from a regressive system that takes more from poor people than rich. Several measures in the state legislature aim to address this imbalance, and generate more revenue for the state.

March 2019

County budgets at a glance


The state of Hawai‘i is not the only governmental entity collecting and spending money for the public good. Each of the four counties has taxing authority and responsibilities that complement state budgets and services. State and county revenue sources overlap very little. Counties collect property taxes, which, according to the state constitution, may not be assessed by the state. Other county revenues include: service and use fees for water, sewer and waste disposal, licenses, and permits, including building permits.

Meeting our public worker retirement commitments


To address mounting retirement obligations, Hawai‘i’s public employers have agreed to make actuarially determined payments over 30 years to pay down unfunded liabilities and grow the pension and health fund trusts that help fund future public contributions. These payments, which are largely supported by state and county taxes and fees, will be a sizeable burden in a small state like Hawai‘i.